110+1 Argumentative Essay Topics for College Teachers Would Love

110+1 Argumentative Essay Topics for College Teachers Would Love

Writing a persuasive paper on middle school, education, sports, movie, or humor is not a big deal. Students find it difficult to choose a topic related to complex subjects. Those are Political Science, Science, Healthcare & Medicine, Physics, Information Technology & Computer Systems, etc. What can a student do when his teacher allows choosing argumentative essay topics for college? Research the recent news to find the recent problems. Another great way is to read this article with the lists of good argumentative essay topics to make your decision!

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How to Find & Pick Good Argumentative Essay Topics?

The primary thing to understand is the meaning of the argumentative essay topics for college students along with how they are different from other homework writing assignments.

Persuasive papers train student’s debating abilities. The task has a great influence on the student’s performance, course grade, understanding of the subject, and the way he/she gives public speeches. The process of writing a persuasive paper is time-consuming. To find relevant information, the student has to spend a plenty of time on studying different primary & secondary sources on the given subject.

High school & college students have free access to numerous sources. Use online (internet search) and print (library) resources. If you do not receive a specific subject from your teacher, it means you can use your full imagination in selecting the subject. Consult recently published sources to find a relevant, fresh.

Use the following primary sources to get the best argumentative essay topics for college:

  • Textbooks & learning materials
  • Informative videos
  • Academic journals
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Interviews
  • Official reports

Each time the student recalls the work of another writer, he/she should insert citations in the required academic format. On the last page, a Bibliography must appear.

Using the works of others provide students with the in-depth look, extra writing skills, research skills, subject knowledge, and credibility. Teachers assign bonus credits to the works with references. Don’t you know how to cite the papers? Once you choose some good argumentative essay topics, contact professional academic writers to help you with formatting/editing/drafting your paper.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College: How to Write an Outline?

Before we explore the examples of the top argument essay topics for college, it is important to dedicate some time to the structure of the serious work. This time, a student needs a five-paragraph structure. An outline of a debatable paper is standard:

Introduction. Write a powerful hook sentence at the beginning to catch an eye of the target audience (use interesting fact, simile, metaphor, literary quote, anecdote, etc.) Develop an impressive, clear thesis statement, stressing the main idea.

Body paragraph 1. Introduce the initial argument to defend the thesis. Example: Airplane is the safest type of transport. According to statistics [source], every person has 1/12000000 to die in the airplane crash, and it is X times lower than dying in a car crash.” Evidence will help to sound confident.

Body paragraph 2. Write one more great argument to support the main ideas of your good argumentative essay topics. Do not forget to use direct & indirect in-text quotations to support every argument with a powerful evidence.

Body paragraph 3. Write information related to the final argument of your paper.

ConclusionBegin with rewritten thesis sentence; mention each of the 3 arguments. Conclude by answering the main question, provide a valuable forecast. It would be great to add a call-to-action sentence to leave a strong impression on the reader.

It is time to cover 110+1 great debatable paper ideas!

10 Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are people turning into the technological zombies?
  2. Modern technology should be on a higher level
  3. Will technological advancement & development rich its peak?
  4. Is there a way to evaluate technology in terms of money?
  5. Great technological tools students can use in their learning process
  6. Communication in social networks: what are the pros & cons, opportunities & threats?
  7. Does Internet research help in choosing the best ideas?
  8. We are living in the world where people no longer belong to themselves: attack of machines
  9. Was James Cameron right in displaying the future world in his “Terminator”?
  10. Every school must initiate free advanced IT classes to help students in their professi0onal development

10 Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The way social media influences children – one of the good argument essay topics
  2. Why may it be dangerous to find people and make friends on social networks?
  3. Facebook – the best place to promote yourself & your business
  4. Children were involved in more exciting activities before the invention of social networks
  5. People are turning shallower because of the social networks
  6. Media files saved in social networks are never private
  7. Is it safe to post personal details on the social account?
  8. Sharing videos via social networks help students to make money
  9. Face-to-face communication vs. virtual communication
  10. Should there be limitations on the social interactions of children?

10 Funny Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Music in malls scares off potential customers
  2. Why McDonald’s should be everyone’s favorite restaurant
  3. Pet & children videos on Facebook are irritating
  4. Children must have permission to draw on the walls to increase their creative potential
  5. Who must be responsible for the leaves falling in your yard?
  6. School day must start after 11 A.M.
  7. College students must receive money after receiving A+
  8. Jocks should all have to take sewing class
  9. “It” by Stephen King is funny as clowns are funny
  10. People should insist on legalizing marijuana: It does less harm than wars

10 Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  1. College children must receive less homework to catch up on their part-time jobs
  2. Good argumentative essay topics: who should choose them – teachers or students?
  3. Is it important to protect school children from bullying?
  4. College love: does it distract or inspire?
  5. Work schedule and college schedule must match each other
  6. Gender studies must be removed as a subject from the obligatory college list
  7. Different degrees majors: who will benefit after graduation?
  8. Writing mobile applications: do they help students with their homework?
  9. New technologies prevent students from learning correct handwriting
  10. Why every second school/college student in the United States names writing among his least favorite things to do?

10 Argumentative Topics for Middle School!

  1. School children must obtain more freedom to express their ideas in class
  2. The list of the top preferred college subjects
  3. Which ideas can be called good argumentative essay topics?
  4. What is the problem of hate crime in high schools?
  5. The list of three subjects, which should be excluded from the school program
  6. Why there is no hierarchy & bullying in colleges compared to high schools?
  7. The problem of having many social media accounts from the teacher’s point of view
  8. Should colleges become free?
  9. Information Technologies is the core subject of the future
  10. Educational system of the United Kingdom is the best

10 Argumentative Essay Topics about Music

  1. Music is a useless school subject – one from the list of argumentative essay topics for college
  2. Music makes the world better
  3. Heavy metal music may lead to serious mental problems
  4. What are some reasons for the 80s band to fail in 2000s?
  5. What is the fairest music contest in the United States?
  6. Disabled people write the greatest compositions
  7. Music is the most valuable art
  8. How did the country music evolve since the early 90s?
  9. Media should be banned from distributing music illegally!
  10. Every artist must be paid

10 Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. NFL is getting softer with the concussion rules
  2. Soccer is more important to the society than other major sports
  3. Swimming is the best kind of sports because it is the only sports activity, aimed to trained every body muscle
  4. Physical education is the most underestimated subject in school
  5. Modern children are not involved in the physical activity: the problems associated with the passive freestyle
  6. Pros & cons of college basketball “one-&-done rule”
  7. Should the football fans be censored?
  8. Should college athletes get financial rewards?
  9. Different types of the strangest sports
  10. Sports help students to train both body and mind

10 Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is social media objective in promoting politics?
  2. Should children be given a right to vote?
  3. They should not allow same-sex marriage
  4. Things politicians should do to support colleges better
  5. The US government is responsible for the distribution of gambling
  6. Political authorities should worry about the level of alcohol consuming in the US
  7. The voter turnout at elections does not reflect the truth
  8. Were the last presidential elections fair?
  9. Are women better presidents than men?
  10. How has the role of 24-hour news influenced election campaigns?

10 Health Related Debatable Titles

  1. Despite being proven to cause cancer, the cigarettes are not a taboo
  2. How can people around help patients with different mental issues?
  3. Why are mental disorders equally dangerous?
  4. College major in Medicine & Healthcare is the most perspective after the Major in IT – one of the greatest argumentative essay topics for college
  5. Should doctors obtain permission to help promote skincare and weight loss goods?
  6. Should Chinese government allow its citizens to have several children in a single family?
  7. Healthcare system lacks investments – that is why cancer is not fully cured
  8. The way mass media displays serious mental problems
  9. Parents must insist on vaccinating their children
  10. Every sick leave at work must be 100% financially compensated

10 Science Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is there a tool to measure the intelligence objectively?
  2. Suicide is the greatest sin
  3. Elderly people feel lonely because their families stop caring
  4. Behavioral therapy techniques work
  5. Concussions cause the increased depression level
  6. Modern treatments of neurasthenia are not effective
  7. Aliens exist, and here are the proofs
  8. How long would it take to reach the closest planet similar to Earth?
  9. Who was the first man to step onto the Moon?
  10. Clones are illegal

10 Classical Debatable Ideas to Discuss

  1. No animals should suffer from the scientific needs of people
  2. Political figures must take care of the environment by encouraging the green policies
  3. Globalization: are people losing more than gaining?
  4. Should robots replace the mankind?
  5. The powerful aspects of Roosevelt’s politics
  6. Are electric vehicles the top solution to the problems of pollution?
  7. Has Wilson lost the war?
  8. Tornado is the worst natural disaster
  9. Hurricanes are the main reasons for the old planes to crash
  10. Are there native American Indians left on the territory of the United States?
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