Tips on How to Write a Perfect Essay with a Hook

Tips on How to Write a Perfect Essay with a Hook

Essay writing can be an exciting task to deal with. But lots of us get confused right from the start when it comes to writing something really outstanding and unique. Of course, you can find lots of various tips and tricks guides about essay writing strategy, but there will be no info about one of the most important points – the hook.

Yes, every paper should have its hook to catch reader’s attention right from the start and make him continue reading your essay. Hooks are important for every academic paper types, and there are few main ways how to use them. Of course, hooks should be used right from the start in the Introduction part of the paper. This will give the first impression to the audience and make them fill involved into the process. Fortunately for you, our experts prepared this article for you to learn more about essay hooks and their usage.

How Introduction Works

Every part of your paper structure has its role. When we are talking about the Introduction, it speaks for itself. Like an intro to a song, your essay Introduction should engage your reader to go further. How is it possible? Well, a song and article both should have hooks. Your favorite tune has a catchy guitar riff, and your essay should grab your reader’s attention with some hooky information.

When a person starts reading some content, it is the Introduction that gets the first strike on itself. In this usually short one paragraph article part, you need to place a hook, your thesis, and short topic description. And it is not the easiest task we must admit. Fortunately, our professional writers know how to deal with it and will teach you some basic info on this interesting topic.

Creating a Hook for Essay

So, you need to get your reader amazed. And a surprising hook right on the start of the paper. The first thing that comes to mind is a fact that is unknown to the wider audience. It is a good trick, and students often use it in their essays. But what if all papers will have those similar type hooks? Yes, you are right; you need to come up with something even more unique and interesting.

So, another great idea is humor. Appeal to your reader using his sense of humor. Laughter is always a good hook to start with and works perfectly almost in every case. But you need to be clear about your audience and do not use too controversial topics to laugh with. For example, religion and politics are not the best topics to laugh about unless you are in a company of good friends. Try to come up with something kind and catchy at the same time.

Author’s personal experience also works great for almost every paper and topic. Just tell an interesting story or an anecdote. Some exciting story from your life related to the topic will be a perfect hook for your paper. Quotations are also great hooks. You can pick something inspiring said by some famous person related to the subject or topic of your paper.

How to Edit the Introduction

As any other part of your paper Introduction need to be revised and edited where needed. Just read your Introduction for few times and try to feel how all the hooks and sentences in general work together. Usually, the intro of your paper consists of three short parts:

Make your Introduction brief including just a few sentences for the each part. Each sentence should interact with one another. Besides that, those sentences should be directly related to the topic. So write it down somewhere and keep in your mind while writing.

Additional Hooks Info

Well, we already know that every introduction should start with a hook. So let’s talk out some details about each hook type that is possible to appear in your paper. We know that it is not the easiest task to start a paper from a blank page. But do not get upset with this. Here you have few interesting and always successful ideas for your paper starters. Consider these hooks:

  • Interesting Fact

As we said before, this is the most typical way to start a paper. Get some research done and find something unfamiliar to the wider audience. If you are writing about some famous person, consider some hidden fact from his biography. It always works.

  • Personal story

This is the moment where your personal experience should be involved. It works especially good for such subjects as History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. All of us constantly interacts with the society and the world. That is why we are related to almost every topic that is possible on those subjects.

  • Start with a quotation

There are lots of famous people related to various topics. It even doesn’t matter if the person is related directly to your subject. Pick up something interesting and exciting from his or her quotations and start your essay right with it.

  • Play on contrast

And not the most obvious but very effective ways to get your reader hooked is to play on contrast. How does it work? Well, you have your topic and two different opinions about it. You should start with one you disagree with. It is an extremely effective stunt for an argumentative article especially.

Tips to Write Your Essay

Well, now you know how to engage your reader. But writing a successful and interesting essay is an even more important task you should deal with. Sometimes paper writing process turns into an absolute routine with boring tasks and actions. There are lots of different essay variations such as argumentative, narrative, analysis, etc. The more article types are familiar to you, the better writing skills you have. And mostly all those papers are about the same structure. Some call it a five paragraph essay or a simple essay. Check it out.

Tips on how to write a simple essay

  • Pick a Topic

The first thing you should do is to choose a topic. There are lots of excellent simple paper topics that can make your writing interesting and even exciting. But the first thing you should know before the start is that your topic should not be too broad. Too specific topics are also very problematic to deal with. So, you should choose the golden middle and something that would be really interesting for you to write about.

  • Write an outline

So, you have your topic, and you can’t wait till you start writing. Well, calm down and take your time. There is one more step before the actual writing you should take. And it is called the simple paper outline. This part of work will make the whole writing more organized and focused. The Proper outline is the half of your success so take it seriously.

Write down all the important points you have about the topic and list your thesis, evidence, and supporting facts. Your statement is the core element that makes your writing reasonable. And everything that you will write in your paper should support this statement. Do not make it too long. One or two short sentences would be enough for the statement.

  • The structure

The structure of your paper is very simple, and it consists of three parts such as Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

This is the paragraph where you will introduce your simple argumentative paper topics to the audience.

  • II. Body

There should be three paragraphs in the Body part. Here you will present your point of view and support it by evidence.

  • III. Conclusion

This is a brief summary of the facts you have presented in the Body. This is also the last chance for you to convince your reader of some certain point of view. If you have any troubles with this part, you can ask our writing service for a professional academic writing help.

  • Writing a draft

Once more about the outline. Treat it seriously if you want your paper to be successful. Each of your key points can be explored and opened, if they were written in your outline properly. Also, it will give you the opportunity to avoid unnecessary word flood and uncertain phrases.

  • Review and edit

After your writing is done, consider some short break to refresh your mind. Then start reading your paper from your monitor or printed version. Look for mistakes in grammar and style and don’t forget about the entire tone. Also, it is good for your paper to be reviewed by some other person. You can take an essay writer for hire from our company to make your paper perfect and complete.

As you see, it is not the most challenging task from the first sight. But it may be harder than it seems to write a perfect paper with a good catchy Introduction. In case you still have any troubles with your writing task, our team of professional writers is always to your service.