Modifications of the SAT Scoring System – Why Is It Important?

Modifications of the SAT Scoring System – Why Is It Important?

Many college applicants break their heads against the wall when searching the answer to the question “What is an acceptable SAT score?” This question is not correct. You must try to discover what a high score is – it will increase your chances to enter prestigious university program instead of studying in a public college. Remember that your educational institution may predetermine your future career and even entire life. Your diploma really matters. That’s why you must be aiming high.

The College Board of various educational institutions modify the rules on a regular basis. SAT score range changes along with the content and format. What really matters is the scoring procedure. You must watch after all the changes based on the data posted by different colleges every year.

The current SAT scores cannot be called democratic. It looks like a student has to receive more than 70% score to succeed with the future admissions process. That is why the need to study better appears. However, sometimes it is impossible to achieve certain goals without corresponding help. We hope that after reading these SAT tips and data, you will know how to take and pass this test without any obstacles. Remember: student life is all about training!

The Basics of SAT

SAT stands for checking four main groups of skills each average student should possess. Applicants can take only the full test. It is impossible to take only English language or only math test. The sections cooperate as one whole.

Except for getting acquainted with the scoring scale, one has to get registered at the official test’s site. There are a lot of websites where you can obtain free and paid SAT guides, but you can take the test itself and watch the score only at the official website. If you’re late, you still can get registered for the upcoming test date.

The percentile you should score for different sections and overall SAT depends on the requirements of the target college or university. There are some requirements on the national level, but some top colleges change their instructions to make the challenge harsher. SAT score might be one of the most effective tools to join your dream university. The problem is that most of the universities lower their acceptance rates from year to year. Among the best colleges, these institutions have the strictest requirements for the SAT scores:

  • Alice Lloyd College
  • Stanford University
  • Columbia University
  • Harvard Business School
  • Juilliard School
  • Princeton
  • Yale University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of Chicago
  • Brown University

The highest score at some colleges is 1200 while some institutions would like to see applicants with 1600 SAT score. Some institutions treat SAT score as the liability on your application for another educational institution. Thus, it is important to have your scores converted for different colleges once you’re done with the testing.

How to Get Ready for Your SAT?

If you want to know what to study before your SAT to gain a high score, you should know which sections are included in this national test. The questions are divided into the following sections:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing in the English language
  3. Math problems
  4. Essay (creative writing part)

One of the most efficient ways is to practice your SAT. You can take the test online once being registered at one of the practice websites. For instance, Princeton is one of the best universities on the national level to provide all applicants with the worthy SAT training. It is better to examine your writing, reading, and math skills ahead than failing SAT on the test day. There will be no way back once you enter the classroom or online examination.

Time management is the first secret to successful test submission. One of the most responsible and lengthy sections is essay writing. It’s not the same as answering short questions or solving math cases. You have to focus on one topic and show your competence in such fields as:

  • English language
  • Research skills
  • Subject knowledge
  • Writing styles
  • Analytical/critical thinking
  • Creativity

Scoring high on this section means doing great at all of these areas. You can purchase essay writing help online whenever you feel unsure about this part of your SAT. Only professional writers can assist in obtaining the highest score.

The report shows that most of the students tend to score the average score, but to increase your academic perspectives, it is important to score higher on the range. You will need some help anyway.

Another good way to get prepared is to download SAT example which was rewarded with a high score. Based on your weaknesses, get an example of the solved test section. If you’re weak at math, you may invest a bit less time in other three sections. More training will improve your potential score. Scoring high percentile in writing English essay is important for any college board, so you should have an example of perfect SAT essay as well. There are a lot of free essay samples online.

Test Organization and Structure

Although each section is pretty much the same in terms of evaluation, the requirements are different. The evaluation criteria are based on different factors. If you need the highest percentile on the scale, take a look at the convenient table below:

Reading section
  • 52 multiple–choice questions
  • 65 minutes
  • Subjects you need to know: literature, English language, history, sociology, philosophy, and natural sciences
Math questions
  • 58 multiple–choice questions and 1 grid-in case with the specific answer from you
  • Hour and 20 minutes
  • You need to improve your knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry
Writing and English Language
  • 44 multiple–choice questions
  • Half an hour
  • It is important to work on your English grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary in context, and revising abilities
Essay (reserved as optional section)
  • Writing a single essay
  • Almost an hour
  • Be ready to demonstrate your reading, analysis, and creative skills as well

From everything written above, the main point is that students have to dedicate more time to training before the due date which is often in March.

Once you are registered, the place at SAT is reserved for you. The organization of the test usually looks the same as in the table above. Thus, first, you’ll have to deal with your reading section. Then, you’ll move to the math data, ending up with simple English writing and more complex one in the shape of an essay. Questions-answers sections are much easier, but even they can be rather tricky.

From year to year, the conditions are changing. When you try to calculate your expected score, keep in mind that the latest SAT will have no bearing on students scheduled to graduate in 2015-16 academic years. Those who are going to graduate in 2017 or later should take a look at the new SAT exam already.

Don’t forget about the importance of your admissions essay too. Try to compare a good personal statement with the bad one to avoid the same mistakes in the future. You might be looking at the academic writing website as another good alternative. Right, a student can order a custom personal essay online to support his high SAT score during the upcoming admissions process.