How to Write a Character Analysis in 10 Easy Steps (Tips Included)

How to Write a Character Analysis in 10 Easy Steps (Tips Included)

Each time your teacher assigns a character analysis essay, be ready to read a literary work from cover to cover. Otherwise, it is impossible to describe the evolution of the particular person. A character analysis requires more than retelling the story of the chosen hero. It’s about comparing different stages of his or her life, evaluating hero’s experience, and offering the lessons learned.

Such types of the essay can be both persuasive and analytical. Read more about all types of essays.

The goal of the character analysis essay is to motivate readers to keep developing and create an awareness of the chosen object as well as the entire story.

Using the thoughts of others or inserting quotes of the characters from the book might help. Keep in mind that you have to cite all sources in the chosen format. Learn how to work with different writing styles.

You may encourage your reader by adding various questions at the end of each paragraph. When trying to find the answers, a reader might want to read the story on his own.

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Steps to Writing Character Analysis Based on the Story

First of all, you should know the structure of the character analysis essay. While writing, try to keep to the following steps:

  1. Read the book or story of your choice.
  2. Dedicate some time to the preparation process. Make an outline for the character evaluation paper.
  3. Before writing, you may want to download a formatting guide to follow the academic standards.
  4. Defining the target audience may help.
  5. Place a short plot summary in the beginning.
  6. Introduce the character(s). The examples can be protagonist, antagonist, main/minor hero)
  7. Create a detailed description of the target person. Mind everything from general look to personal traits.
  8. Using examples, take some time to discuss the main conflict of the story and the place your hero takes in it. Keep it short.
  9. Make a conclusion based on your own opinion.
  10. Play with the time – try to guess what will happen next.

Free Writing Tips That Might Be Useful for Your Analysis Essay

It is important to keep in mind hero’s actions during the analysis. Decide whether this person makes just or unjust choices. Help your readers understand his or her motivation. You should make a reader want to read the book to find more reasons for the taken actions.

Another important step in the analysis is showing the contrast with other characters. Compare and contrast protagonist versus antagonist, for example. Readers usually like such papers. This way you can also show different behaviors of different people in the story.

If you have free access to the book, find as many adjectives which describe your objective as possible. However, a deep analysis should not consist of adjectives only.

Keep track of the items associated with the discussed person while reading the book. Various tools may tell a lot about his or her state of mind.

Make an attempt to read between the lines. The in-depth analysis suggests that the writer looks for hints while analyzing what a person thinks or does.

Another type of personality might be “flat” or “round.” A flat character does not experience any type of modifications. He stays the same throughout the story. A round one evolves during the book. It makes the book more interesting, so it is better to write about this type of personality.

Except for choosing dynamic objectives like antagonists, try to pick a story from the past. A character analysis essay would look more breathtaking when creating a contrast between past and present.

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